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Saturday, March 2st
Part II: Heart Simulator for Tailor-made Medicine          
 9:30- 9:45  Opening Remarks
Ryozo Nagai (Jichi Medical University/University of Tokyo)

Heart Simulator for Tailor-made Medicine
          Chair: Jos A.E. Spaan, Seiryo Sugiura
 9:45-10:25  Multiscale 3D analysis of the Coronary Intramural Arterial vasculature for modeling purposes
Jos A.E. Spaan (University of Amsterdam)
10:25-10:45  Physiomic Approach to Cardiac and Coronary Physiology
Fumihiko Kajiya (Kawasaki University of Medical welfare/Okayama University)
10:45-11:25  Patient Specific Computational Models of Dyssynchronous Heart Failure
Andrew D. McCulloch (University of California, San Diego)
11:25-12:05   Heart Simulator in Univ. of Tokyo gUT-Hearth and its clinical application
Seiryo Sugiura and Toshiaki Hisada (University of Tokyo)

Panel Discussion          Chair: Fumihiko Kajiya
12:15-13:00  The Challenges and Prospect of personalized diagnosis and treatment by using heart-simulators from individual patients
Toshiaki Hisada, Seiryo Sugiura, Jos Spaan, Andrew D. McCulloch
13:00-13:05  Closing Remarks
Toshiaki Hisada (University of Tokyo)

Part III: Development of Standardized IT Infrastructure for Clinical Researches
14:00-14:10  Opening Remarks
Ryozo Nagai (Jichi Medical University/University of Tokyo)

Development of Standardized IT Infrastructure for Clinical Researches
Chair: Ryuichi Yamamoto          
14:10-14:50  The value of secondary large databases for health services research
John Z. Ayanian (Harvard Medical School)
14:50-15:20   Leveraging Existing Data Sources for Clinical and Epidemiologic Research; Using and Linking Registries, Electronic Health Records, and Claims Data
Soko Setoguchi-Iwata (Duke University)
15:20-15:30  Secondary large dataset in Japan; status and challenges
Hideki Hashimoto (University of Tokyo)
15:30-15:50  Clinical research using a large claim dataset in Japan
Hideo Yasunaga (University of Tokyo)
15:50-16:10  Standardized IT infrastructure; technologies and policy challenge
Kazuhiko Ohe (University of Tokyo)

General Discussion
          Chair: Hideki Hashimoto
16:15-16:50  Potential contribution and challenges in establishing standardized information platform and datasets for public use
Kazuhiko Ohe, Hideki Hashimoto, John Z. Ayanian, Soko Setoguchi-Iwata, Hideki Yasunaga, Ryuichi Yamamoto
16:50-17:00  Closing Remarks
Kazuhiko Ohe (University of Tokyo)

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